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Day 1 –


I ate this right before leaving for the airport


Carrots and Rice Crackers are in my bag for the trip


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My Trip to Italy

I will be leaving for ITALY in a couple hours. This week one of my clients mentioned that I should blog my food and trip, so here we go.

There are always challenges that come with traveling, especially if you’re trying to practice healthy, mindful eating habits. I have to say the most beneficial thing to do is PLAN. Many of my clients this week have asked me, “So, are you going to practice what you preach miss Nicole?”

The anwer is simple. Yes, because it is the only way I manage my own health and weight. For this trip particularly, I have decided to focus on my immature photography skills. I bought a new camera to pursue my new passion and plan to have this trip revolve around lots and lots of pictures. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited about some Mediteranean cuisine. I have made a plan to chose mostly fish and explore the vegetables the different cities have to offer. Below are some of my other tips for traveling:

My travel snack for the airport and plane:
Soy Crisps and Baby Carrots
Tip: Plain or sea salt flavor soy crisps. Try to buy
organic baby carrots if available. The nonorganic
might have been soaked in chlorine before packaged.
Eat them together at the same time for a delicious

Eat breakfast everyday with a Protein and Fiber. It’s a great idea to find things to keep in your hotel room.

When eating out, order grilled fish and vegetables.

Bring your food journal.

Move at least 30 minutes per day.

Have Protein and fiber snacks throughout the day and before going out for dinner.

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