Flowers are the new Natural Healers

Last year, I attended a workshop with Gale Barton regarding the power flowers have in your life. I found them to truly hold a special power and by allowing them to share it with you can bring an amazing positive experience into your life. Please read more about Gale below and visit her website to see what is going on with Sweet Ferns.

Sweet Ferns
For well over 15 years, Sweetferns private studio has been an evolving floral design business with a unique focus on natural materials and ways. Enhancing romantic, nostalgic and personal items is the foundation for creating unforgettable weddings and special event experiences. It is important to me that design solutions are created to meet the needs of each unique client within their vision for the event. Flowers are provided by local growers and world wide companies supplying flowers that are good for the Earth, good for workers and good for you. Sweetferns participates in helping to sustain our environment with recycling. We service the Boston, South Shore and Cape area. I look forward to working with you at this exciting time as you embark on your event planning.
Gale Barton

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