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The Everything Healthy College Cookbook!

The Everything Healthy College Cookbook is now available!

Dear Reader,

Throughout my experience as a registered dietitian, certified in adult weight management and owner of Delicious Living Nutrition, I have discovered there is a strong need for nutritional guidance, especially among the student population. College life brings challenges: between class schedules, independent meals, and having a social life, it can be difficult to think of eating for energy. After seeing many of my teenaged patients getting ready to head off to college within the next year and seeing their parents’ look of fright, it was clear there should be more simple tools to give students about surviving, from a nutritional standpoint, while at college.

Looking back on my college days at the University of Massachusetts in
Amherst, I wish there had been more guidance around nutrition for me and my friends to follow. I remember trying many new fad diets we heard about instead of learning more about basic nutrition. I now know I would have felt better, had more energy, my weight wouldn’t have fluctuated, and my studying would have been improved if I had just learned to eat healthy. Basically your typical should-have, could-have, would-have scenario!

My hope for this book is that it will give you an abundance of ideas for
what to eat that is delicious, easy to make, and gives you the energy you need. As you read through the recipes, you’ll be able to understand small changes you can apply everyday that will improve your college experience.

Yours in good health,
Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN


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Boston 5 K Season!

What is your reason for training for a 5 K?

a) You would like to raise awareness for a cause.

b) You would like to increase your motivation to exercise and get in shape for Summer.

c) You would like to meet amazing individuals with similiar interests as yourself.

d) All of the above.

A 5 K is a great opportunity to challenge yourself no matter what you answered above. They are perfect for anyone interested in any of the above whether you’re a non-experienced runner or have been competing in 5 K’s for years. There are plenty of 5 K available coming right here to Boston and across Massachussetts, so get your new sneakers laced for the start lines.

Sneakers will be an important investement if you plan on running more than one race. Marathon Sports is a great place to actually get fitted for sneakers to ensure you’re running in the appropriate shoe for your feet.

Do you know how many carbohydrates you need for the 5 K season?

5 to 7 g per kilogram per day for athletes engaged in moderate-intensity exercise for 60-90 minutes per day
7-12 g per kilogram per day for athletes engaged in moderate to high-intensity endurance exercise for 1 -3 hours.
Upcoming Races in April 2010:

Race Against Extinction 5K: Boston, MA 04/17/2010
Annual Brimfield Trail 5K: Brimfield, MA 04/24/2010
Boston College MBA 5K: Chestnut Hill, MA 04/25/2010
27th Edition James Joyce Ramble: Dedham, MA 04/25/2010
Race Against Violence: Greenfield, MA 04/24/2010
Ring Around the Neck 5M Run/Walk: Marblehead, MA 04/25/2010
Heartbreak Hill International Youth Race: Newton, MA 04/18/2010
Blue Ribbon Race to Stop Child Abuse 5K: Pittsfield, MA 04/03/2010
14th Annual North Shore Wellness Fair 5K: Salem, MA 04/11/2010
9th Annual Shawn D. Patterson Memorial & Scholarship Road Race: Scituate, MA 04/18/2010
TVFR Boston Tune-Up 15K: Upton, MA 04/10/2010
Hibo 5K: Watertown, MA 04/11/2010
Michael Dunleavy Walk & Road Race: Winchester, MA 04/11/2010
Run For Water 5K: Worcester, MA 04/10/2010

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Spring Cleansing


Every day we are exposed to toxic substances in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the foods we eat. It is important to know the facts before starting any detox or cleanse. There are several decisions to make when choosing the right cleanse for you. A cleanse is an opportunity to give your system a rest from the major toxins, specifically sugar, caffeine, and other preservatives.

Benefits of cleansing:

 Reduce the toxic burden on the body
 Remove elements that can lead to diseases
 Cleanse the major organs of the body

Conditions associated with toxic overload:

 Headaches
 Muscle aches and pains
 Joint pain
 Allergy or flu-like symptoms
 Chronic fatigue
 Irritability, mental confusion

Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN
Fairview Millworks
100 Pearl St. in Bridgewater

6:00 – 7:30 pm

Call 508-813-9282 to reserve your seat!

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