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Junvenile Diabetes

Business Expo To Benefit Juvenile Diabetes Research!

Thursday, October 22 @ Stonewood Health And Fitness Center (160 North Main Street, Carver, MA 02330 )
4:00-8:00 pm. Free Admission!

Hosted by Work It Wednesday Referral Network and Stonewood Fitness.

Answers to Sugar Amounts:

Coca-Cola = 16 teaspoons of sugar

Raisin Bran = 5 teaspoons of sugar

Vitamin Water = 8 teaspoons of sugar

Maple Syrup = 8 teaspoons of sugar in 1/4 cup

Nutrigrain Bar = 3 teaspoons of sugar


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Holiday Blast Off Challenge

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Delicious Living Nutrition Meets Wood Palace Kitchens…

Delicious Living Nutrition Upcoming Events at Wood Palace Kitchens

TO REGISTER OR INQUIRE:    Call or email Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN Email:

 Phone:  508-813-9282

 Basic Nutrition Workshop

Investment: $20

What to eat, How to eat and different types of foods that give our bodies what it needs…PROTEINS, CARBS, FATS.

6-8pm on Monday, November 23rd – Limited space. Pre-registration required.

Holiday Blast-Off Challenge:

“The average person gains 5 pounds during the holiday season. This 4 week challenge will help you stay in control this season and prevent weight gain. You have options this year!”

6-8pm on Wednesday, December 2nd

6-7:30pm on December 9th: Week 2

 6-7:30pm on December 16th: Week 3

6-7:30pm on December 21st: Week 4

Investment: $100. Limited space.   Pre-registration required.


                                                                                           Eat Healthy. Be Healthy

  12 Week Weight-loss Group

January 4th – March 22nd

Investment: $450

Limited space. Pre-registration required.

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Diet and Activity WIN over Genetics in the Battle of the Bulge…

biggest-burgerIt’s not Genetics….Battle of the Bulge!

Your tendency to lose or gain weight isn’t written in your genes. Swedish scientists reporting in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition conclude that the oft-maligned FTO-gene, which previous studies have linked to runaway weight gain, only increases your risk of obesity if you ALSO lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Bottom line: Being overweight is mostly a lifestyle choice, not an inherited trait.

My Thoughts: The challenge with many individuals is that there are far too many factors that go into making the “right” lifestyle choices. Yes, we have the choice and that is fabulous. However, there are many marketing pitches that happen to purposely make it extremely difficult. We also have things like emotions that we may inherit or completely have developed on our own that can lead to temporarily lacking the ability to make the “healthiest” choice. Lastly, does every person’s definition of happiness not include foods that have a low nutritional value and excess calories? How do we find balance when bombarded with those very foods multiple times a day? The answer is above…it’s your lifestyle choice. My professional recommendation is to practice making those healthier lifestyle choices, build your repertoire, utilize a professional or professionals for education and support, set your environments up for success, and focus on the positive changes you feel are right for you to make and be satisfied with them.  

Listen to me on Saturday morning, October 24th from 10am-11am on Hometown talk Radio 1530am WVBF.

Call in at 508-822-1106.

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Probiotics are Your Best BodyGuards!

  Did you know 90 percent of the cells in your body are bacteria?

Probiotics can pull their weight...

Probiotics can pull their weight...

There are “Bad” and hopefully more “Good” bacteria specifically in our intestinal tract for the following:

  • Enhance your immune system
  • Heal your intestines from damage caused by antibiotics
  • Protect your body from dangerous bacteria and viruses
  • Keep your digestion working for you instead of against you

 If bad bacteria outnumber the good it could lead to digestive disorders, vaginitis, heart disease, and cancer.  Your “Good” vs. “Bad” scale may be tipped if:

  • You overuse or misuse antibiotics
  • You experience excess stress
  • You have poor nutrition
  • You have lack of physical activity
  • You over use antimicrobial products
  • You have a serious illness

 How do you make sure you have more FRIENDLY bacteria to guard you? Probiotics are to your rescue…due to their ability to resemble, replicate and provide the same strains of the “good” bacteria in your gut.

 Does the Genus, Species and Strain matter? Does food give us energy? Of course it does. We have to be proactive to look for the following after talking to your doctor and dietitian:

 Properties of a Suitable Probiotic for Human Consumption 

  • Accurate taxonomic identification genus, species and strain
  • Genetically stable
  • Able to survive intestinal transit -resistant to acid, bile and pancreatin
  • Able to survive in the presence of competing organisms
  • Human strain, rather than bovine strain

Guaranteed potency and viability

  • Guaranteed full potency until date of expiration
  • Adequate potency (billions of organisms per serving)
  • Batch-specific, independent laboratory assays demonstrating both potency and bile resistance
  • Transported under refrigeration to minimize die-off
  • Packaged in dark glass, not plastic, which are often permeable to air and even moisture, reducing shelf-life

Choose the proper probiotic strain for the proper condition

  • Genetically verified genus, species and strain
  • Supporting research to achieve the desired clinical outcome
     (Ensure that all health claims substantiated with references)

With all the concern about the H1N1, people should know about natural ways to improve the strength of their immune system. Especially if they would like to not only improve GI function, but also boost their immunity this season (reducing respiratory tract infections and the use of antibiotics).  

I recommend Ultra Flora Plus by Metagenics for most individuals.

Visit my site at


To a healthy season!

Yours in good health,

Nicole Cormier, RD, LDN

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